In 1980 the Tran family moved from Vietnam to the sunny shores of California, bringing with them traditions and flavors from their Asian heritage.  After tireless years of perfecting just the right combinations of Chinese and Vietnamese influence to their recipes, the Tran family opened up their first restaurant in San Jose.  That restaurant is still serving delicious food to their loyal customers.

In 2002 the Tran family launched the opening of their second restaurant on Story Road.  The Story Road location serves the same delicious egg rolls that have made the name King Egg Roll famous.   Made by hand, fried to a crispy golden perfection and served fresh.  Every bite brings a delightful blend of sensational flavor.  You will see why our customers continue to come back for more.

King Egg Roll is not another “fast-food restaurant”.  It is a place where our customers come to feel welcomed.  From the moment you enter our restaurant you will feel the warmth of the welcoming atmosphere where friends and family come to dine.  Though we are King Egg Roll, we also bring you a wide range of authentic Chinese and Vietnamese dishes.  All of our food is cooked using the highest quality ingredients and cooked by Chefs who bring their individual touch to their craft, making every meal a unique dining experience that you will not soon forget.

There is more though.  King Egg Roll also provides catering.  Bring in a tray of our egg rolls, wings or other appetizers.  Then select a mix of your favorite entrees for your party.  Your guests will be singing your praises and have them looking forward to your next gathering.  Great for holiday parties, work gatherings or an evening at home with friends and relatives.

Come in early for some dim sum to start your day or come to enjoy our wide range of Chinese/Vietnamese cuisine for lunch or dinner.  Stay and dine with us in our comfortable dining room or bring a delicious meal home for your family and friends.  Stop by soon and check out what the King has cooked for you.